Just bought these new led shoes for my kids

As a parent you get the question “Dan can you buy me this?” without knowing exactly how much it cost. This is what happened when my daughter saw a video of girl dancing in bright shoes with led lights. She immediately ran to me and said she had to have those. I went to the website I found in one of the results and bought the cheapest pair (I’m a freelance dad you know). She loved them and it was awesome seeing how happy she was.

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Winter Fashion Trends for any outfit

Cool winters make you want to feel very comfortable. They make you need to cuddle up in a larger than average sweater and read your book by the flame. And what better time to do that then over Christmas break, when your family surrounds you, and you have the advantage of a couple of days out of your workplace with nothing to stress over. Here are 5 fashions trends all men ought to have on this Christmas season.

1. The Christmas sweater

You know the one I mean. Its dark red, or forest green with white reindeer lined up at the base. They sound kind of cheesy, truth be told, the majority of our youthful years was most likely spent avoiding them, yet some way or another they have returned in trend and are the ideal thing for the season. In addition your grandma will be enchanted to see you wearing her blessing! Go great with led sneakers that light up in red, green, and white for the holidays

2. The snood

For those of you who don’t recognize what a snood is, it’s an unattached hood that can run with each coat, or a jumper. They are absolutely charming and exceptionally in the current style. Regularly lined with fur, your head, and your body, they are certain to stay pleasant and warm, this chilly Christmas season.

3. The sorrel boots

It doesn’t matter what anybody says, if you are living in a nation that requires down coats, caps, and gloves, then you live in a nation that requires rubber soled, fur lined boots. These are styles are actually not childish. I guarantee you nobody at the workplace is going to inquire as to whether you’re going sledding after work. They are cool, yet all the more than being cool, they are warm and practical.

4. The leather gloves

Every individual ought to own a couple of leather driving gloves. Notwithstanding keeping your hands warm, they are a la mode and sensible. They are best combined with a pea coat or a leather coat. Those men who like to wear ski coats ought to presumably go for a decent wooly pair of gloves.

5. The glittery gems

It’s not just ladies who need womens suit jackets for Christmas; men adore their sparkly extras as well. If you notice that one of the men throughout your life is running low on cufflinks choices or need another watch, then go out and get one for him. It’s an extraordinary, keen gift, and something that he can keep until the end of time.

There you have it young men, 5 things to forget on your wardrobe this Christmas season. What’s more, anything you’re running low on can be added to your Christmas list of things to get! Merry Christmas.

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Celebrities who lost money and went broke

I came across this youtube video that list the top 10 celebrities that have gone broke in the recent decade and I was stunned to find just how much liability these music artist have and how easily they can lose all their fortunes. Why is it that celebrities do not hold their managers and accountants responsible for their money management. From hip hop artist to Hollywood actors you can see a bad pattern of losing money quickly and not ever getting to recover. Sports athletes like Allen Iverson are the classic examples. Here are some more artist who are losing money and will soon end up in the broke area:

MC Hammer Net Worth

50 Cent net worth

Mike Tyson net worth

Chief Keef Net Worth

Tyga Net worth

Toni Braxton net worth

I guess the morale of the story is save your money and spend wisely!